The interactive companion for "A statistical guide to the design of deep mutational scanning experiments"

This page helps you optimize the cost vs. error function of your high-throughput bulk competition experiments. Use the tools below to visualize some key results from Matuszewski et al. 2016 for values that are relevant to your proposed experiment(s). The publication in Genetics can be found here (or see the pre-print version here).

Use the sliders to see the costs for different values of the sequencing depth per sampled time point (D), the number of mutants (K), the total duration of the experiment (tτ), and the number of equally spaced sampling time points (τ).
# Reads per Sample (D) # Mutants (K) Duration (tτ)
>5bil >1mil 25
1000 100
# Samples Taken (τ) Use Default Costs? Minimum Expected 95% Confidence Interval*
Overall costs Monetary costs ($)

Hourly personel costs (monetary cost):

Sample preparation costs per sampled time point (monetary costs):

Sequencing costs per lane and median number of expected reads per lane (monetary costs):

Parameters to weigh the importance of the mean squared error (non-monetary costs):

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